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Hi there.


It’s with a very heavy heart, we inform you that Koo will no longer be operational. We will stop operations on July 3, 2024.

We started Koo with the mission of bringing people together on the basis of their native language. Most global products focus on English but 80% of the world speaks 1000s of languages other than English. We wanted to help these users connect and exchange thoughts with each other in a more meaningful way. We started Koo 4 years back in March 2020, just before the COVID lockdown started. Koo was a COVID baby. Over these years it received a lot of love from users, creators, eminent personalities from around the world and the media. It was the only real competitor to Twitter. It got over 60 million downloads, 8000+ VIP accounts, 100s of publisher accounts and millions of hours have been spent by everyone consuming content and spending time on it.


It makes us very sad to take this platform away from millions of users that loved spending time on it. Unfortunately running a social media company incurs heavy expenditure for a few years before it can turn profitable. We too needed some more time to get there. We have been looking to raise funds for the past 2 years but the funding market went sour, not just for Koo, but for 1000s of startups out there. Making it very difficult to continue running operations any more.


Thank you so much for all the love and trust you placed in Koo. It’s time to say goodbye to the little yellow bird 🙁


Aprameya and Mayank

Co-founders, Koo

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