Rajiv Ranjan Prasad

Social Worker
Rajeev Ranjan Prasad(DOB: 01/02/1961) is currently national secretary for Janta Dal United(2009-current). He Frequents National channels for major debate appearances covering challenging topics and has more than 5000 hrs of appearances on channels. In 1989, he was a Member of the State Parliamentary Board for Janata DAI. In 1990,1995 he contested election from the constituency of Patna Central with Janata Dal. He again contested election from constituency of Digha in 2015 with JDU and gained 67000 votes. He has held the position of Secretary and Vice President many times of the party. Education wise, He holds a Masters degree in Labour and Social Welfare and has a PG Diploma in Ecology and Environment from Delhi. He has formed an NGO called as Global Kayastha Conference and holds the position of Global President. The NGO was formed in February 2021 and already has more than 15000 members of the community from all over the world. Over the years he has led various mass movements and brought change in thousands of lives. He is an avid reader and methodical social worker. Cell: +91-9431018125 Email: [email protected]...more