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Prabhu Rama Subramanian (PRS)
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Executive Chairman & Proud Indian
Prabhu Rama Subramanian shortly PRS is the Founder & Executive Chairman of ThruPut Consulting Heritor Limited, India (TPCHLINDIA) a public limited holding company registered at Bangalore, India. At TPCHLINDIA, The 16 Sector Wise Business Groups have been carved out based on the ongoing global business forecasts for the next 30 years. PRS is actively involved in Vision Strengthening, Board Leadership, Over All Strategy, Coaching & Mentoring the existing shareholders to make them groom to Independent decision making Leaderships, New passive shareholders identification and induction per group companies, Indian & Global Government Relationship Management, Overall Global Fund Raising for various projects of TPCHLINDIA which are Nation Building in nature. PRS KOO account is managed by his Dedicated Executive Office , any mail for him needs to be sent to [email protected]...more

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