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Bhavik Kumar

Digital Entrepreneur
Digital Entrepreneur and Transformation Leader l Digitisation Evangelist for Healthcare, Pharma & Wellness Startups l Digital Commerce l Supply Chain Specialist l Speaker @ Global Events l MIT Sloan Alumnus At 17, I sold my First Business! Aged < 25, I was handling the Financial Portfolios of India Inc’s Top-Notch Clientele!! Starting with imports of mobile phones as a startup idea in early 20’s to Setting up New Age Business Models through digitalisation in Healthcare; it’s been an emergent journey of Learning & Success, Gratitude & Give Back! Built world’s first B2B Digital Marketplace for Medicines, Healthcare and Allied products and became a category leader for ‘B2B Deals’ in India in 2019. I am A Blend of Entrepreneurship + Digital Commerce + Global experience + Mentoring/Angel Investor. I Envision a Society, where NO HUMAN IS DEPRIVED OF FOOD AND MEDICINE because of availability or affordability. Can we aggregate global sources, check wastage & solve accessibility? Can we ensure that no human sleeps hungry or dies without a medical help? Can we make right partnerships & become CHANGE AGENTS? For this life’s purpose; I am devoted towards ‘Human-care through Zero wastage of Food & Medicines’; even it means a Long Shot. I have attained many such seemingly impossible tasks, in a career spanning 20 years where I have strategised and launched brands with global and Indian MNCs. I have led my previous organisations to create new ventures and expand business both vertically & horizontally for pharmaceuticals, consumables, surgicals, disposables, preventive healthcare & wellness products. I am a specialist in digital commerce, warehousing & logistics, supply chain solutions, digital transformation, sales & marketing and international trading. A global business traveler, I have dealt for business with various companies globally & multiple government sponsored trade associations. A Start-up enthusiast, A Growth Hacker, A Change Maker, A Digital Transformer; I am always eager & happy to connect. Just email @ "[email protected]...more
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