Harkirat Kaur Kukreja

Business Owner
Harkirat Kaur Kukreja, the wife of world-renowned social media influencer and entrepreneur Harjinder Singh Kukreja, is truly a Sikh supermom in every aspect of her being. She is an inspiring parent who instils important values and promotes a positive mindset for parenting in these difficult times. Being a mom to 3 beautiful children and an entrepreneur who handles the family business is not in any way undemanding. Yet, Harkirat so effortlessly moulds herself into being the supermom that she is. Parenting has never been a burden or a nerve-wracking challenge for her. She rather loves the joyful and spiritual journey of parenting. She demonstrates that raising kids and taking care of the family can be a holistic experience when guided by the teachings of the Sikh Gurus. She believes in the teachings of Guru Nanak and has always made it a point to instil the same values within her children. She recites the morning Sikh prayer, Japji Sahib and evening the evening prayer, Rehras Sahib, with her kids making it a great opportunity not only for learning the prayers but also to spend much-needed quality time with them. This strengthens the family bond and affinity. Harkirat personally educates them beyond textbooks. She connects her children with Sikh history and reads Janamsakhis, the accounts based on the lives of the Sikh Gurus, which translates into ethics and values. A Sikh supermom indeed. Hakirat Kaur Kukreja, as selfless as she is, wants her children to walk on the same path and always put forth the needs of others first. She believes that if one has a bigger cause, then the concerns on a personal level are instantaneously taken care. And consistent with that, she visits orphanages, old age homes, and food distribution drives every month with her children to make sure they inculcate social entrepreneurship taught by the founders of the Sikh faith. Having three amazing and beautiful kids, a husband who walks right by her side, the one who is a hero for herself and the many who follow Harjinder Singh Kukreja on social media, and having loving and supportive in-laws, has been a blessing for her. With plans to further establish and grow their family bakery business, Belfrance travels worldwide with her family. She flies high up into succeeding as a wife, mom, and entrepreneur. Life as a mother and an entrepreneur is a balance that takes a while to master, and seeing Harkirat doing just that effortlessly only makes her someone to look up to when you feel down. A supermom in the flesh, a true hero to many, Harkirat is the one inspiration who even made these pandemic times into lively times by taking care of her family and sharing the experiences on her social media....more