MP Brij Lal

Member of Parliament
MP Rajya Sabha; Member of External Affairs Committee, Govt. of India; Member of Home Affairs Committee, Govt. of India; EX DGP UP, 4 Times President Awardee including 2 Police madel for Gallantry; UPCM Awards; Ex-Chairman UP SC/ST Commission; Ex Minister of State (status) Served as - SP/SSP IN 10 DISTRICTS OF U.P. - JOINT SECRETARY TO CHIEF MINISTER, U.P. - DIG P.A.C., DIG TRAINING, DIG RANGE AGRA - CHIEF SECURITY COMMISSIONER/DIG/I.G. R.P.F NORTH EASTERN RAILWAY, GORAKHPUR (17-05-1996 TO 16-05-2003) - I.G.P. LAW & ORDER, U.P. (2003 – 2005) - I.G./DIRECTOR TRAFFIC, U.P. (2004 – 2006) - ADDITIONAL D.G.P./DIRECTOR TRAFFIC (2007) - A.D.G. / SPECIAL D.G.P LAW & ORDER, CRIME, S.T.F., A.T.S. AND PUBLIC GRIEVENCES U.P. (2007 – 2011) - MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER - TRAINER TO I.P.S./P.P.S. AND OTHER POLICE RANKS Interests: - TRAP SHOOTING - COLUMNIST IN NATIONAL PAPERS - ENVIORNMENTALIST - INTEREST IN AGRICULTURE, PLANTS, FLOWERS AND MAINTENANCE OF VEGETABLES BIODIVERSITY...more